Symphonic BAND



2019 Optimist Concert Band Festival

Symphonic Band performed:

  • Loch Lomond by Ticheli

  • Concert Variations by Smith



Grade 12 Final Band Project


As per tradition, in order to receive your final Band Credit you must complete an exit assignment and make a presentation to the class.

There are 3 parts to the assignment. Part 1 and Part 2 must be done individually.  Part 3 can be done in a group (2-4 people per group).

You may choose which section of the assignment you’d like to present.  If you choose Part 3, then your whole group will present together. 


DUE DATE: Wednesday, May 15

PRESENTATION DAY: Thursday, May 16 after school in the Band Room


Part 1:


Explain what your ‘life plan’ is for the next few years.  Make creative connections to how your experiences and personal growth in Band Class will help you along your life path beyond high school.  Think outside the box.  You can simply type this part of the assignment up, or do something more creative, as long as you answer the question.


Part 2:


By the time you graduate we will have written (okay fine, I’ve copy/pasted a couple too) 16 report card comments for you.  We are asking that you all write 1 ‘report card’ comment for us. Report Card comments are written in three parts: Strengths, Weaknesses & Next Steps.  We do this to celebrate the excellent things you do, recognize the areas for growth and give feedback for how to improve. 

Be honest, you can’t hurt our feelings, and we love to improve through your feedback.

a)    Tell us about our good qualities as a teacher. Let us know if there are any experiences we’ve had in band that stick out to you as really positive! (strengths)

b)    Tell us about our not-so-good qualities as teachers (weaknesses)

c)    Provide us advice for future years as a teacher (next-steps)


Part 3: (this one can be done in a group of 2-4 people)



Being in band is awesome. You know that because you stuck with it to the end.  In a creative way, convince the future generations of students to sign up for BAND at Maples. 

Some ideas are: (but definitely not limited to…)

·         Make a video (create a vlog, write and perform a rap, conduct interviews around the band room and put together a video, make a video collection of all your performances with voiceovers, etc…)

·         Create a poster we can put up in the band room

·         Write a letter to a younger person in your life coming to Maples one day

·         Make a scrapbook

etc! If you’re not sure about your idea being acceptable, come and ask us.