What are the Grade 10’s looking forward to in band this year??

  • The pieces we’re going to play

  • To perform and learn more new music

  • Better understanding my instrument

  • Having the chance to improve on my weaknesses while also having fun

  • More intense and fast songs, like loud and scary

  • Playing new songs and also advancing on how to play

  • Getting to connect with new people and improving on my instrument

  • All the Concerts

  • Having a fun class at the end of the day after Pre Cal

  • Arts in the Park

  • Performing at Brandon

  • Playing more complicated music

  • Meeting new people, especially the Intro Band Class

  • More Challenging music

  • Learning more about theory

  • Playing at the SOPAC

  • Refining my skills   

Why did the Grade 10’s choose to continue with their musical education this year?

  • I made a personal goal to learn as many instruments as possible, so I took this opportunity

  • I enjoy music, and to play it is amazing

  • Because I love the Creative Environment and the music all around me, plus I love the teachers, I’ve learned so much

  • It is different from any class that is taught through paperwork, plus bring a part of a group that studies and produces music is fun

  • to improve my music skills

  • Because its fun playing in a band. You can make lots of connections with other people who play band as well

  • I love to play music whether its concert band or jazz band

  • I chose band because this kind of an experience only happens once in your life

  • I really liked Intro to Band and wanted to continue this journey

  • Because it rocks my mind and blocks the stress, and the rocks are solid

  • I choose to be in band because of how we work together to create beautiful sound

  • Band has always been one of my favourite subjects

  • Because there are a lot of things you can learn in band that you can use in real life

  • I love to make music. its so cool tha you can blow air into something it makes something beautiful.

  • Because its fun

  • Extend my learning about music

  • I just like playing my instrument

  • There’s a saying that goes “Its better to regret doing it than regret NOT doing it”

  • Friends & Credits

  • Music is a big part of my life

  • Its a fun and caring environment

  • To improve as a musician , in skill and in critical thinking

  • Band is another way for me to express my musicianship and love for music. In band get to be a single until contributing with the bigger picture

  • I choose to be in band because music makes me feel more passionate and creative


Monday, November 16th - Woodwind/Percussion + MET Class


INDIVIDUAL WARM-UP: *New* Scales Hand-Out

REMINDER: Video assignments are now overdue. The following people have NOT done their homework yet: Patty, Franz, Grazhella, Manraj

Recording of The Voyageurs by Pierre LaPlante:


    • Scales - how many can we play successfully?

    • TUNING

    • Page 15: Chord Progressions

    • Page 14: Dynamics

    • SIGHTREADING: Page 42 - start at top of the page. Review double tounging

    • Page 19: Chorale #12

  • Repertoire

    • Turkish March

    • Larghetto

    • Voyageurs

      Next Class: Sight-read Rowan Tree